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Some people.... (RDM)


Dear Support,

I was walking in spawn with my gun out, into the laws there was no gun rule and then a police shockt me. So i told him if you do that one more time then i will kill you men. So he did it again and then i told him: bro really and then he did it again so i killed him. A few minuten past and he called an admin on me and he was lying that he did not shockt me and then the admin did not even checked logs....

Some people just screw it up for everyone...

That's why im trying to work on a application of staff so i can be a real admin and look logs before warning something.

I dont care so much about the warn, but it's just not chill if someone screw up the roleplay and an if there is an lazy admin.

Thanks for reading Smile

My username in-game if you need it idk why but ok XD : TMK Diamond Finder


Use the template please.


I don't see the reason for this post, I think that your post farming and that this is one way for you to gain posts. As kai said you didn't use the template, please ensure you use it next time.



Didn't use the template.

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