This Is Why Third Person Should Be Removed

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Remove Third Person Pls
I was farming with my mate and we got killed through the walls and we got confused, so we called the admin and i asked the raiders how did you kill us through the walls, so they told me this:


We didn't use seeing through the wall... We used the fact that your base had a fence inside and you could see under the fence, under the fence was the transparent block so we knew where you were. Next time don't use fences or try blocking up the holes so people can't see where you are .-.
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Lmao, why remove third person when we can just add a rule...

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I agree with the above, we don't really need to remove it as of now.


(04-12-2018, 07:16 AM)Flame (2) Wrote: Lmao, why remove third person when we can just add a rule...

It's easy enough adding a rule, but actually enforcing it and gathering evidence to prove that someone is exploiting 3rd person will be an impossible task
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This is soo small and noone really uses this. Any smart person will just make their walls thicker.


As stated above this is impossible to gather info that ppl are doing this
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How about we just keep it in place, since the amount of people who actually raid with this on is basically none. It would also be IMPOSSIBLE to get 3rd person abuse evidence, and honestly, it really isn't that big a deal.
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No need, if everyone can do it and it isn’t evident people are doing it why should it be removed????????????????
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