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Baby Hotel


So when the naughty baby released I had a thought to make a hotel......BUT RUN BY BABIES.So me and my boy naruto started claiming the doors.First day we sold 1 room.Yesterday was day 2 and this time I sold all the rooms out.Today was crazy for business I had rooms being sold left and right.Then I realized I need help with this hotel.So I hired one guy then it led to another and I had 3 Security and a Manager for my building.I basically just sat a in my office for a while until it was time for rent,we were being raided or I had to pay my employees. I paid them once every 30 minuets each 150k.I realized today that raiding and making bases really isn't all you have to do for fun on DarkRP.So tomorrow I will hope to see a lot of you attending baby hotel.


-The amazing story and legacy of the baby hotel.-
-Gamer Grill


rumour has it that baby hotel has received a '0' from the food standards agency. 1 star.
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(05-12-2018, 02:18 AM)BraydenWright22.hawkservers.co Wrote: THE RUMOR IS WRONG 5 STARS



i might visit later today for shits and giggles
see you there
and good luck with ur "baby hotel" (hopefully i'll leave in one piece)
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You're the one i raided twice in-game eksdee

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