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BiA "A Gang To Write History"

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750 server score on hawk discord
Have discord
Have 1D+ in-game.

If or once you get into BiA you will be PM by a training instructor there he will get you into a private server and you will either raid or defend a base they spawn in.
If you are one of the lucky few to get into BiA you must follow the rules we expect this includes;
1) You must follow what your higher ups tell you
2) You must follow hawk rules
3) You must be active and get involved with gang mates
You will find out more once you are in
In-game name:
Discord name and tag:
In-game playtime:
Why do you want to join BiA?:
How will you benefit BiA?:
Builder or raider?:
"we will re-write history together"


In-game name: 6IX
Discord name and tag: 6IX (hash)7109,zen and james have me already
In-game playtime: 2d .23 hours
Why do you want to join BiA?: becaus ei wanted to join R but u were full i like u all and want to help and acc get in this time
How will you benefit BiA?:
Builder or raider?: bo5thrly good at building though
"we will re-write history together,i love shrek"


(06-12-2018, 09:35 PM)6IX Wrote:
Your app has been accepted make me proud my man

now I shall hand you the BiA tag
+rep or flat earth

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