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Josh121 application


In-Game Name
LR Josh

Preferred Name

Current In-Game Rank (User, Trusted, Supporter or premium)

Date of Birth





Total Playtime (screenshot if possible)
Around 30 hours

Total Warnings (screenshot if possible)

Have you been banned before?
>> no

Are you active on the Website? (yes / no)

What is your Discord Username?
>>monwyman021004 # 0995

What is your server score? (do t!rank in bots channel)

Do you have any relatives on the server? (yes / no - if yes, state their usernames)

Do you know how to use ULX? (yes / no)
>>yes for example:
!bring (player)
!goto (player)
!freeze (player)
!jail (player)
!ban (player)
!kick (player)
!send(player) (player)

How often can you moderate the server?
>>everyday after 3:30 bst

How many sits can you do within a day?
As many as needed

Describe your personality and hobbies
I am kind a willing to help anyone I am patient with People so if new players need help I will for as long as necessary, I like to game and play football

Why should we hire you as a Staff Member, what are your objectives? 

You should hire me as staff because I have wanted to help keep the server running smooth for a long time now and I already help new players by answering the questions so I really want to help them even more. My objectives are to keep the server a fun, happy environment

Explain the term 'RDM' and give an example of it
Random death match - killing someone for no reason 

Explain the term 'Breaking NLR' and give an example of it
New life rule - if some one kills me durin a raid and I return to kill them

Explain the term 'FailRP' and give an example of it
Doing something that doesn’t play by the rules so if I as dealing as a gun dealer and I stole someone’s money without giving them a gint

Explain the term 'Trolling' and give an example of it
>trolling is repetitively annoying someone so if I kept closing some ones doors to there base or prop spammed.

There are 4 pending sits on your screen, what do you do?
Go to each one and tell them there is a wait then go to each one by the time it was posted and do them all

James connected to the server, changed to police and started randomly arresting everyone on sight, what do you do?
I would freeze him and ask him what he was doing then I would ban him for a day or two then i would un arrest everyone he arrested

Katie killed tasid because tasid killed a tramp for attempting to kill him, what do you do?
I would bring them both and ask them what happened then I would warn them both for rdm then tell tasid and Katie that they can’t revenge kill


Denied. Please re-apply when you meet the requirements.
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