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So, this is the end of the road for me. I'm going to be resigning from staff and probably leaving Hawk. This decision has not come easy to me and it's something that I've been contemplating for a while now, because I have generated so many amazing memories from this server and have honestly loved every single second of it, so it really pains me to do this. As many of you may know, I made it Senior Admin and that was honestly my main goal when becoming a staff member, I wanted to make the server an enjoyable place for everyone and I truly believe I have done that which I set out to do. As of recently I've lost interest in GMOD and I feel that it's best that I leave on a positive note. Even if I was to come back I would have to keep taking breaks to study, and I don't want to be taking up a position that another capable staff member could uphold instead of me. I want to thank every single member of staff (past and current) on the server for doing such an amazing job and keeping the server an enjoyable place for everyone. 

I'd like to thank the management team as a whole for keeping the staff team in shape and making such a great impact to the server and the community in general. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the best possible staff member I could be, 


A promise is a promise until its broken 



WHAT THE HECK NO!!! TENNIS STAY!!! We all love you and will miss you so much and your progress in Hawk was amazing!

I just want you to know that personally, I'll miss you, I didn't talk to you a lot but you were a good guy.
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Wow, this is so sad, can we hit 50 kids? In a serious tone, Really sad to see another good staff member leave, I really hope you're gonna come back to us one day. Until then though, have a good cold one.
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Really good luck with your GCSEs man. Wish you all the best.
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I wish you could stay longer tennis...Thank you for all you had.
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Thanks for everything guys, I'm going to miss everyone, keep up the good work.


see ya tennis was nice working w/ you
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Been a long time dude ;-; GL with whatever you do, you've been loyal to me mate
Ex-Discord manager ;-;
been moderating on taseedz servers for like 3-4 years
If you need to talk: Discord tag Bahpu#6767


Goodbye Tennis. You were always very nice so good luck in whatever comes now for you. Dr Phil will always be in your heart.
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