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Anyone know the resolution for forum signatures?
[Image: 395628490776510464.png?v=1]


yea it's ur mom
[Image: 481604056247435265.gif?v=1][Image: 481913012182056971.gif?v=1]

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yea it's ur dad

also jodul its mum not mom you nerd
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yea it's ur uncle


Yea it's ur

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yea it's ur grandad
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Could I actually get a reply you fucking slut nuggets
[Image: 395628490776510464.png?v=1]


They can be different reselutions cant they ?
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So, the optimal resolution of a forum sig is 1000 x 100 if you want it nice and clean
[Image: 5615616196.PNG]
Though you can expand beyond that area making the max 1010 x 100 as shown below (The red highlight being the extra)
[Image: 8587.PNG]
[Image: Animation85ms.gif]
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