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Hello my name is Ernests might be a wierd name but it is normal here in Latvia. I have been playing hawk since 2017 and i think i kinda made this introduction kinda too late but i need to have an introduction. I like LoFi music and i like playing videogames *i have been playing videogames sice i was like 5 or 4 xd* I enjoy scuba diving and i am licensed. I like pyrotechnics and guns *i have held a glock 17 and an lmg* i have 4 cats and had 3 more but they died. I also enjoy IT i have made websites and games. Gmod was my first game ever that i have got on steam :p. I guess thats it im really chill and like to talk to friends. Im really nice because i bought my best friend KarlTV 2 games and one of them was gmod and he said gmod sucks and hawk too but now he loves it. I guess thats all about me i guess have a nice day!


Hello! I hope you've enjoyed your stay on hawk so far. also, I didnt know you needed a scuba diving license lmao
-Gamer Grill


Welcome to hawk are you in the discord its a great way of getting to know the community?

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