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Banned for using a single textscreen


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>>Staff disrespect | A bit salty I would say | Minge

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>> 1 day

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>>The admin I was talking to was extremely disrespectful and didn't care at all about sits, he spent a total of 10 seconds looking at the player before deciding that what I called an admin for before never happened (weird, because I called him because of something that player *was* doing, not because the player was actively doing something that second infront of you). I then asked him to actually stay and listen to me and he completely ignored me and never directly addressed me other than to say "it never happened" and "leave it alone". I still never had my sit handled and was amazed that someone who clearly doesn't care about the servers players was actually an admin! I put up a textscreen saying he sucks (vulgar and profuse I know, how I even had such mean words in my dictionary surprises me) which he teleported me to and froze me, after I asked why I was being frozen I was tossed in the air and exploded multiple times before being banned.
Its quite hard to be respectful to someone who is disrespectful, ignores and bans you and refuses to listen to your side of the story and freeze/explode you for no valid reason. I get that "your feelings were hurt" but you had zero empathy to ask how I felt about being pushed to the side so easily for having a genuine concern and then blowing me up like a ragdoll because you felt like it; which one seems like a worse thing to do to a person?

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>"genuine concern"
>places a textscreen that says "flame is a trash admin"

The ragdoll and explosions are the ban thingy, it happens to anyone who gets banned.

By the way, the ban is only 1 day - it's supposed to be longer but I made it 1 day instead. Just don't do that again.



You clearly staff disrespected here and you didn't really have any valid ground to do so. If you didn't like how flame was treating your sit it isn't hard to ask for a second opinion from another member of staff.
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