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Sexy Chad's Christmas Gift

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Purchase Date
>> 12/25/18 3:38 PM

Job Name
>> The Dictator

Job Color
>> Red

Job Model (find one at csite.io or workshop - must be less than 5mb)
>> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...text=putin

[size=small]Job Weapons 
(5 weapons | Pro Lockpick and Pro Keypadcracker is on the job by default)
>> Spas-12
[Image: hawk_banner.png]


Great Polygons to Player detail ratio
[Image: HunksignatureSeAd.png]


thanks for the comment. im gonna change it now.
[Image: hawk_banner.png]


what a man getting putin lmao
+rep or mum gae 


True comrade, I believe in your Mr Putin
[Image: jif.gif]

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