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Bezwees Warn Appeal [False Warned?]


Your RP Name*
>> Bezwee

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:132099730

What is the reason of the warn?*
>> RDM

Who warned you?*
>> Lumbago

What are their SteamIDs?
>> STEAM_0:0:34086323

What happened* So I Was Basing And This Hobo Came Inside He Went Outside And After Like 3 Sec I Killed Him. He Told Me That It Was RDM Sence It Was More Than 5 Sec (It Wasent) So I Told Him That It Was Less Than 5 Sec + That I Had A "Once KOS Always KOS" Sign. So He Reported Me To An Admin. And Told The Admin THat I RDM Him And That I Had A "Once KOS Always KOS" Sign. I Told The Admin That It Was Less Then 5 Sec So I Was Allowed To Kill Him And Theres No Rule That You Arent Allowed To Have That Sign. So He Warned Me For RDM??! I Didnt RDM Even If That Sign Wasent Allowed. Its Still Not RDM Because It Was Less Than 5 Sec. So I Asked Him Why He Warned Me And He Answerd That I Killed THe Hobo BECAUSE I Had A "Once KOS Always KOS Sign" But It Was Less Than 5 Sec So Its Not RDM. And If He Warned Me For The "Once KOS Always KOS" He Shoud Just Told Me To Remove It Not Warn Me. Because I Didnt RDM Or Break Any Rule With That Sign Up And Theres No Rule Against "Once KOS Always KOS" Signs. And If It Was I Would Accept My RDM Warning IF IT WAS MORE THAN 5 SEC Because I Killed Him In Less Than 5 Sec. So I Shoud Not Get Warned. Have A Good Day //Bezwee

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You told me directly in the sit that it "wasn't RDM because my sign says once KOS always KOS"

I warned you for one, you literally said you killed him because of what the sign said.

The sign says "once KOS, always KOS" You literally tried to try to justify that. Even though it's not allowed, but you clearly know the rules better than us because you "have 1 week playtime"

You know the rules? Don't put up a sign that says "Once KOS Always KOS" then proceed to enforce it.

I even asked multiple staff members, they all said "no, it's not allowed"
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You're constantly repeating that you had a "always kos" sign when you claimed you killed the person in less than 5 seconds... very suspicious and assuring.

The sign is not allowed, it doesn't work like that. If 5 seconds pass then you cannot damage the person anymore. it's funny that you think you can dodge the rules by making some other rules up.

Also please don't disrespect our staff members for warning you. Calling Jodul a shit mod was just unneeded, but I expectex nothing else from a child.

Denied, read the rules as well.

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