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BlackMarket Gun dealer but hear me out


Ok dont instantly -rep this as of the name please read the full way through
So basically i think the server should have a black market gun dealer 
But... The weapons he sells are extremely impractical I.E. need to be paired with your standard weapons to be viable and are extremely expensive so it costs a million or 2 per shipment. So these weapons are really risky to use but are extremely op. We could also add another risk factor to the mix that these weapons are ILLEGAL no matter what. If you are seen with them out you can be arrested or 3 warns to be arrested what ever you guys think is more balanced 
If you have any CONSTRUCTIVE critisism please leave it below


nowadays gun dealers get arrested for having a pistol


make the black market gun dealer a donator job of some sort. Every bit of business they conduct is illegals and can be warranted but make them have a decent base defence gun and stuf f like that



I think this is a good idea it gives the richer players more variety of weapons.


good idea but what kind of weapons are you talking ? Like nitro glycerine or like harpoons n shit , maybe even a base scanner?
+rep or mum gae 


I never event thought of base scanners
Base scanners
Maybe some new weapons
HL2 rpg
maybe some of the less op grenade launchers rpgs and stuff
Basically items that arnt good by themselves but good are decent with other weapons so no shotguns and lmgs and stuff


Peoples suggested this many times but it got denied, I mean it's worth another shot I guess and is a good idea. +rep
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The black market dealer was removed a while ago, and it was removed for a reason.

Tasid's not gonna add it back, and he's sure as hell not going to make it a donor-only job.

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