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Your RP Name
>> TKS ADV Pilot

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:79648788

Who banned you?*
>> Plat

What is the stated reason?*

Ban Duration?*
>> 2 Weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)

Well, what happened was I started a pdraid ( I know this for sure as I pick locked doors which you can't do without averting pdraid or raid ). after killing any cops/mayor which came to the PD. Without me knowing somehow I ended the pdraid without typing in /pdraid. The only way you can tell if you stopped pdraiding is by looking at chat every second or so which is hard to do while you are killing cops and protecting your self. All it is is a yellow text in chat which could be anyone adverting something else and obviously without me knowing that the pdraid technically ended I carried on killing cops until I stopped pdraiding. Then I get brought to a sit and Pat asked me why did I MassRDM and I told him that I was PD raiding. But obviously, somehow I ended the pdraid without me knowing so I technically massrdm'd and got banned. I never intentionally wanted to MassRDM obviously and I would never do that. Why would I try to get my self banned when I bought Premium 2 days ago, won omega and posted a staff application. I would never do such as thing. I wish I never would have pdraided that morning but it happened and at least next time I will know. I have no idea why I ended a pdraid without me typing it in ( I also don't have a key bind ). In a nutshell, I was really unlucky and just didn't check chat. I wish there was something to show that you would be in pdraid and not ( something similar to when you're on duty or god moded / noclipping ) 

I hope you will understand that I never intentionally would do this and I did not intentionally do it.

Thanks, Pilot
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I will get Plat to respond.
-Gamer Grill


Hi, ok so, On my screen there were multiple RDM sits coming in on my screen so i investigated to see if they were connected, You had done a pdraid, however it ended at around 7 minutes past, you were still killing people at 12 minutes past. I could get it if you had killed them maybe a minute or so past the ending but it was 5 minutes which is plenty of time for you to have realised.
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How am I supposed to tell if I ended the pdraid with a single line of text in chat muddled in lots of other chat? I understand its yellow but I mean you're not always looking at the chat especially while raiding. As I said I never intentionally pdraided. I mean I understand yes I technically did massrdm but I did not mean to do it I never knew that my pdraid would end without me intentionally ending it.

I don't know if the system is made to automatically end the pdraid after a certain amount of kills or time but how am I supposed to know this?
If there is a system please tell me how it works cause I never knew it would do such a thing.

Not sure if you understand this but I never wrote /pdraid or pressed a keybind to end it. I never ended it. Somehow it automatically did and I never knew that it automatically did this.
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No offence meant here mate, but you should be aware that raids auto end, you dont exactly have low playtime.
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Most of my playtime was around a year ago where you had to actually write /advert and then pdraid and there was no system of where you write /pdraid.
Also how am I supposed to know? Its written no were not on the rules not at spawn not even when you type /pdraid. No one ever told me about it either.
I have only PD raided about 5 times ( I like to play as a cop and usually don't find the reason to pdraid ) ever since the new update and ended my pdraid in a minute or two but this time there was not so many cops so it lasted longer.

What about people who pdraid for the first time how are they supposed to know apart from being brought to a sit and getting banned for mrdm'd?
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The PD raid ended many minutes ago, yet you were still killing many people. PD raids have never really changed. You should be more careful.
-Gamer Grill

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