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In-Game Name

Preferred Name

Current Rank(s) in-game (User, Trusted, VIP, Premium, Omega)

Date of Birth





Total Playtime (screenshot if possible)
>>8 days 

Total Warnings (screenshot if possible)

Have you been banned before?
>> once for warn limit 

Are you active on the Website? (yes / no)

What is your Discord Username?
>>! Lilmack47


What is your server score? (do t!rank in bots channel)

Do you have any relatives on the server? (yes / no - if yes, state their usernames)

Do you know how to use ULX? (yes / no)
>>I used to know how to youse it but forgot so no 

How often can you moderate the server?
>>5 to 6 hours a day 

How many sits can you do within a day?

Describe your personality and hobbies
>>I am a nice person friendly my hobbies are making music gaming playing football the uk version not the American one   

Why should we hire you as a Staff Member, what are your objectives? (minimum 1 paragraph)
>> I think you should hire me cause I am very respectful person I am very understanding I am very active my objectives are to help the server with there problems and to help it grow and to help the community 


Explain the term 'RDM' and give an example of it
>>rdm stands for random death match can be used If a user shoots another user for no reason and keeps shooting them which ends up killing that is rdm example user 1 shoots user 2 for no reason killing him instantly then user 2 calls an admin 

Explain the term 'Breaking NLR' and give an example of it
>>nlr new life rule used when a user is  killed and come back to the place within the time limit and keeps coming back in a raid but can only be warned if an admin sees it with his/her eyes or proof example user 1 shoots user 2 without a proper reason killing him in a raid or mugging and him coming back. 

Explain the term 'FailRP' and give an example of it
>>fail rp can be used if someone is being mugged or kidnapped . example user 1 mugged user 2 and shot him when he was mugged him and when he came back the guy was gone denying his request then he called a admin.

Explain the term 'Trolling' and give an example of it
>> trolling can be used like someone is following someone and hit them spamming pm them spamming keys on their door etc .example user 1 spammed user 2 doors and spamming pms   

There are 4 pending sits on your screen, what do you do?
>>I would ask the other online admins to see if they can do some sits then If not I would do all of them as fast and as good as possible 

James connected to the server, changed to police and started randomly arresting everyone on sight, what do you do?
>>I would freeze james and ban him for 2 days for rda and refund all the people that where arrested if they had anything 

Katie killed tasid because tasid killed a tramp for attempting to kill him, what do you do?
>> I would warn katie for rdm then I would warn for rdm for killing tasid for not having a reason If he had a reason like he went over and hit him I would warn tasid for ardm

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