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Report on Luxinare


Your RP Name*
>> Arvid115

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:1:156461457

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
>> Staff

What are their names*
>> Luxinare

What are their SteamIDs
>> STEAM_0:0:220422792

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> Admin abuse, essentially. To give full context, me and my friend were being raided by two people. After the raid, I ended up in a sit with one of the raiders, and Luxinare as the moderator. The reason being, that we used walls that one only could see through from one direction - also known as "1-ways". Now, this isn't against the rules. It's allowed to use them as long as you don't shoot through them, which I didn't do. It is used in most peoples bases, as I mentioned during the sit. However, Luxinare insisted on it being against the rules despite me repeatedly saying it's not, and asking him to show where in the rules it says so. Now, I received no response. All I got was him forcefully telling me to remove the walls despite them being allowed. Afterwards, he kicked me for not listening to him. But I never did something illegal so I didn't have to do what he said. Overall, during the sit he was very disrespectful. He never listened to what I said, or answered to what I said, all he did was give out orders. He even spent half the sit with slapping himself across the room, which isn't really appropriate for the sit. He later got several complaints about slapping himself and everyone constantly, so that might also be something you want to talk to him about.

So, summa summarum: He was disrespectful during the entirety of the sit, he didn't know the server rules, he was too proud to accept that he was wrong, he was arrogant, and then kicked me without a reason. When he was speaking to Kai later he also denied the claims I've made, so he doesn't seem to understand he did anything wrong either.

Proof (screenshots in the form of gyazo links since I had more than the limit of screenshot attachments). It's the conversation during the sit, confirmation from staff members Lumbago and Kai that what I did was allowed, and the rules to lastly show what I did was allowed, to put the final nail in the coffin.

https://gyazo.com/7b6d3da0b91bee15c68eda58dd09b8e3 <--- He does this all the time pretty much, so I'd advice someone to ask him to stop doing this. Especially to others or during sits.

Have a good day, //Arvid



Ok first of all someone made a sit saying you are 1 waying. I goto you and you are shooting people using the jail doors. I tell you multiple times please fix this becasue this is 1 waying and you said no i am not you are being biased. I then tell you 3 more times to fix it and you continue to refuse so i kick you for ignoring staff. You did not once say that you were looking through it. And i witnessed you 1 waying. I was not recording at this time to records the sit but the guy who made the sit could be used as a witness of me telling you to fix it. And with the slap thing I am sorry if that was annoying during the sit and i do not slap people during every sit so stop making false assumptions.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day Smile


"I goto you and you are shooting people using the jail doors" - That is a blatant lie. I shot at the guy during the raid, not through any walls. I died. Then when I'm on my way back, after around 5 minutes, one of the raiders is still there and kills me through the walls 1-ways. Him breaking the rule. Then the sit started. Either you got it all wrong, or you're lying. This nullifies most of what you had to say. I'm pretty sure logs can be checked as well to see that I didn't damage anyone except the first time (when I died, not shooting through any walls).

"You did not once say that you were looking through it." Why would I say that, when you never even said I was doing it? All you said was that 1-ways existed. Not that I shot through them. Why would I claim I wasn't doing something you didn't accuse me of doing? You should've worded what you said better if that's what you meant. Because it's not what you said.

"the guy who made the sit could be used as a witness of me telling you to fix it." All the screenshots are already there, there's no witnesses needed to prove the conversation. Logs are also a thing, with an estimated time stamp of around 18.30 CET 26th of December. Also, I wasn't making assumptions. I can get screenshots of your constant slapping if need be, by a higher ranked admin.


Raiders can shoot through one-ways. Basers can't.

If no video evidence of the case is provided, I'll have to close this one. It's one word against another.


As reponse to Kai, the proof is essentially there of a poor sit. It's there that I did nothing wrong. It's there that I was wrongfully kicked. Everything. I don't quite see it as video proof being necessary. I'm not complaining about him shooting me through the 1-way. It's just to add extra context that it wasn't me that was doing the shooting.

And towards Luxinare, I disagree that both sides are at fault. I haven't done anything wrong in the process. It's good however that you've realized your mistakes, although a talk with a higher ranked admin as well I still feel is necessary so that everything can be resolved in a proper manner, and then that said admin can do what is necessary to solve the situation.


I was basing with Arvid during the time and can thereby interpose my point of view in this. I clearly saw it as Arvid not getting his words through and Luxinare being ignorant during the sit. As can be seen in their conversations Luxinare tells Arvid the building itself is failbasing but the actual wrong thing would have been if he had shot through the one-way which he didn't.
My conclusion is Admin ought to be a good listener as we who ask for help should aswell.


I completely agree with Elian. I think the verdict here should be quite obvious as all the evidence is on the table at this point. With the felon already admitting to the admin abuse, all needed is for an admin to step up and finalize the punishment with this seemingly finished case.


It seems to me the whole one-way situation in general is confusing people.

I'll have a word with the staff team about it just to clarify things, for now though, in-game money compensation should do for you.

Accepted and closed.

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