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LOST 600K! any help?

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So. As you know there were these two douchebags: FlagJack and Nipple. And as you know, they were assholes. They were running a scam business. They were selling and i quote: "Perma Weapons (bullshit), Nano suits (bullshit) and Military Gear (bullshit)" They scammed me off off 600K and from many more people. Can an admin help me out here and help me get that money back? Thank you, and if Nipple or Flag are reading this: Go to hell, thank you


Oof. I do not believe you can get refunded unless you call a sit in game with proof. A bit more research in the server and hopefully will never happen again. if you catch me in game ill be sure i may give you a helping hand Wink) <33


Could you show me proof on Discord?

Also, you should probably make a player report. : )
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Oh, yes I remember. He was getting scammed by players claiming to sell "nano-suits", their store was a KOS inside part that was fully open to the public, so basically it was a free excuse to kill players for fun. They were banned.
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If anyone is available ig when you are on create a sit and ask them to refund you. I will later refund them. If they want proof refer them to this post
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