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MRDM Appeal


 My name in game was ''Faz Juuzou'' i was banned by toxicc for apparent MRDM wich i did not do and could not even defend myself

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You were seen and witnessed by TWO staff MRDMing the opposite gang in Spawn.  I told everyone multiple times to read the rules and it seems you failed to do so

Firestorm was the other staff who saw you


Yeah if you checked damage logs like a good admin you would see they kept on trying to kill me your a bad admin

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I watched you mrdm many people in spawn, I then  told all the gang members that the gang war could only occur in the slums, uptown, industrial, or residential and you were the only one continuing to kill people in spawn. We both watched you do this. We then decided to ban you, so in our eyes it's a fair ban.

Dont go messaging me on the forums once you get banned. And call another staff shitty.
-  Firestorm959 {Ex-Admin} 


well you are a shit moderator because you should have seen the blood member rushing me with a knife trying to kill me your a shitty admin


Dont be disrepectful now. that wont help you



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