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Being able to see through wall's


I recently had this incident with pingu that he is able to see through my wall's because of a graphic's problem, however I believe it has to do with something ingame because no one else who ever raided my base was able to see through my wall's, they all seen the material I used and saw it properly, but pingu could see through my walls perfectly fine. Because of this bug pingu is able to infilitrate into my base easily with me being at the disadvantage in the raid because of him having a awp out at all times.

Please fix this bug, I really don't believe its a graphic's problem and is something to do ingame.

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I spoke to a senior admin and this base isn't allowed anyway, therefore this shouldn't be an issue
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Many of my bases use this design, and from screenshots the base does look confusing but its actaully really easy to see through, the problem with this glitch is that since my bases use this design Ibuy can easily raid all of them
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wait there was a kid a while ago that was following bm0s movement through a wall and he got banned for having an esp, but kept claiming he could see through the wall because it was glitched. that kid could've been using an esp, but this also could've happened to him, meaning pingu's not the only one.
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