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Deleting my thread??


My thread was deleted in which I attempted to appeal my ban on my main account due to MRDM (which I didn't do, and couldn't defend myself at the time). 

I was banned on my second account on the same day for alting, which I completely understand.

I am confused as to why the thread was deleted without any sort of resolution or conclusion, at this point I believe that it may be a way for the admins to possibly cover up a "joke" that was made by an admin at the time. 

Could I possibly get an answer to why my thread was deleted?

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Because you were in a gang war last night, killing in spawn. Despite us saying in chat to go to specific areas. We even placed clear textscreens in the areas you were allowed to KOS in the gang war. We even announced those screens to the server.
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Literally, doesn't answer any of my questions. I don't even remember talking to you or dealing with you yesterday?

I dont even remember killing anyone directly in spawn. I was also killed in spawn about 3 times, no one got banned for that despite me reporting it.

To get this clear also, I completely accept the alting ban on both my main and alt account, I would just like the MRDM weeks removed, as I believe that they are false

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Well alting lands you a perma ban for both accounts...So what account are you typing this on then?
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Alting = Perma


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