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New Building Rule


You should be able to kill them if they knocking on ur door aw bc I had this rlly annoying officer that kept knocking on my door and after I warn him 3 times he warrant me for shooting police and come in my base when i had a building sign lol.


So i can just tear someone to shreds if they get into your base when building, i'm happy now!


This is finally the time where you can get rid of people minging inside your base easily. This is a great rule, but I believe it should have been announced possibly so that more people know of it.

It's a very useful addition.


damn so glad this rule changed, warning people to get out was so fucking annoying especially since they'd just kill you as soon as you shoot, thank christ
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Wait, I didn't know about this. I wouldn't have had to put 'Execute Inside' upside-down if I knew about this.


This rule does help new builders and gets rid of those annoying people hanging around when you're building. So I like it.
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(27-12-2018, 03:04 PM)(Chez) UltimateRP Wrote: If ya don't know yet you can kill anyone who comes into ur base when building sign is up. Just wondering everyone's thoughts on this. Imo I think it's a step to a less toxic server because some people used to get in your way and that and say "ohHJ yoU cAnT KiLl mE" in the snidiest manner. Just wondering thoughts on it

Best. Rule. Ever.


Love it! Now i dont have to set up a kos sign when im building!
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