Hawk Servers

Player Report


Your RP Name*
>> Wannabe

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_0:0:225604087

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
>> Player

What are their names*
>> Nix

What are their SteamIDs
>> STEAM_0:0:216092415

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
> Nix was Propblocking spawn and me and Vodka 




Uhm... sorry, but where exactly is the prop block? I can only see some console stuff and then a base with a sign which says "Free blowjobs, don't raid". I get the latter could be given a verbal but there is really no further evidence on the main topic.

Also, in the logs there is no real proof of him spawning any props at all, so yeah.
[Image: Tiw4CuO.jpg]


Thats...an upside down photo of a tunnel? We can't even see anything.
[Image: HunksignatureManager.png]



Not enough evidence.

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