perma weapons


can perma weapons go down in price abit because 30m for a sniper is alot could it go down to 25mill at least?


I don't really think it needs to go down, just it takes time to get one of the better guns in the game. Quick tip: If you wanna make money fast be an opium maker and use the correct formula.
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Money isn't exactly hard to make, opium makes something like 290k profit in less than 5 minutes so, not really needed.

Also buy the asiimov 1st

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When you say 30 mill thats the most expensive one, Buy the asimovv if 30 mil is too much same gun but different skin. PS dont bother on the M4a4
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Perma weapons are at such a high price because they're permanent, In the long run it is much cheaper already than buying shipments and shipments of snipers and assault rifles.

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