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Codey's Staff Application

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In-Game Name
>> Codey

Preferred Name
>> Codey

Current Rank(s) in-game (User, Trusted, VIP, Premium, Omega)
>> Trusted ( As of 29/12/2018)

Date of Birth
>> 4/5/2004

>> 14

>> Male

>> England

>> UTC +0

Total Playtime (screenshot if possible)
>> 26 h 30 m 0 s

Total Warnings (screenshot if possible)
>> Currently One Warn

Have you been banned before?
>>  No, I have not been banned before.

Are you active on the Website? (yes / no)
>> Yes, I do not post a lot I mainly read posts.

What is your Discord Username?
>> Greg Codey#7503

What is your server score? (do t!rank in bots channel)
>> 402

Do you have any relatives on the server? (yes/no - if yes, state their usernames)
>> No.

Do you know how to use ULX? (yes / no)
>> Yes I have a thorough knowledge of ULX due to my past experiences.

!goto - Take you to a player.
!jail - Puts them in a "jail cell" for a set amount of time.
!kick  - Removes a player from the server.
!ban - Removes a player from the server for a set amount of time
!gag - Stops them using their microphone.

!mute - Stops them texting in global chat.
!cloak - You become invisible to all players.
!uncloak - Make you visible to players and staff.
 !bring - Brings a player to you.
!freeze - Freezes a player making them unable to move.

How often can you moderate the server?
>> 5- 6 Hours A Day

How many sits can you do within a day?
>> Around 30 - 60

Describe your personality and hobbies
>> Well a few of my hobbies include running a simple Gun Store opposite the PD and acting like an angry Italian Gun Store Owner I immerse myself into being that character and act as though im really there. I also enjoy drawing animals and I am currently testing with many different techniques, Thirdly I guess just having fun in a lot of different massively multiplayer games such as Gmod. I used to work for a massive Gmod community called Crix Networks and I earned my way through the ranks right to the top, I became the Staff Director and I had to care and watch around 30 - 35 Staff members  made massive documents and ran weekly meetings, I have worked with Crix for around 1 Year, and after that things changed (I Won't go into detail) I guess that was another one of my hobbies. Now my personality, firstly I am very hardworking and for my age, I believe I am very professional, I do not get angry easily and understand a situation as soon as I am dropped into it. I am a very sceptical person as well and if things don't add up I would question it in detail. I am also rather easy to get along with, provided the person speaking to me is not intentionally annoying.

Why should we hire you as a Staff Member, what are your objectives? (minimum 1 paragraph)
>> I believe you should hire me as a member of your staff team as I feel as though this community needs more active staff, countless times I have seen 1 Staff member on trying their best while there are around 60 players on. I enjoy this server more than any other kind of server on Garry's Mod. I also have a lot of experience staffing Garry's Mod servers. Therefore I wish to assist in whichever capacity I am able.
I have no technical skills, such as coding, modeling, or mapping, but I have both good management skills and plenty of experience doing so. Please be aware, this is not me asking for a management position right off the bat, but I can at the very least give advice wherever it is needed and to whoever needs it.  I am dedicated and honest, and I am also willing to step up and take the blame if I make a mistake. However, I have little tolerance for minges who are here to ruin everyone else's fun And I would try my hardest to go beyond the expectations of my superiors and make them as proud as possible.


Explain the term 'RDM' and give an example of it
>> RDM - “Random Death-Match”
Example - When Player 1 deals damage or kills Player 2 without Player 2 afflicting any damage upon Player 1

Explain the term 'Breaking NLR' and give an example of it
>>NLR - “New Life-Rule”
NLR is exactly what it stands for, it means once you die you forget everything that previously happened in your “past life” and start a new life.
Example - Returning to the spot you died within a certain amount of time or interacting with a player you had complications with in your past life and acting as though you never died.

Explain the term 'FailRP' and give an example of it
>> FailRP is when you are not acting as though you are Roleplaying, and not using a Job for the use it was intended for.
Example - Gun Dealer self-supplying
Explain the term 'Trolling' and give an example of it
>> Trolling is when the player has no intention of playing correctly and is only there to anger players.
Example - someone screaming at people in their homes or spamming the knock button.

There are 4 pending sits on your screen, what do you do?
>> I would check all 4 of them and see which one is the most important, I would then take that one then speak to my other staff buddies and ask them to take the others.

James connected to the server, changed to police and started randomly arresting everyone on sight, what do you do?
>> I would Jail James then I would Ban him for 2 weeks Due to MRDA then I would un-arrest all the people he arrested then return their guns if they had any.

Katie killed tasid because tasid killed a tramp for attempting to kill him, what do you do?
>> Warn Katie for RDM as Katie had not taken any damage from tasid, then check to see if the tramp attempted to RDM tasid, I would then return tasids weapon that he lost when killed by Katie.  (Normally you would check to see if Katie and the tramp own a building together which gives them the right to do that, but as the person is a tramp that means they can not own any buildings so that would not work here.)

Thank you for reading this application.


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