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The omega baby character skin thing


It's unfair how the baby skinhead an unfair advantage against players how they can shoot you but you cant see the hiding behind furniture

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this is something I agree with,
The babyplayer model can be easily abused way too much, needs a fix
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Yeah, The amount of times I am defending and cannot see them so they can just freely get in.
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I think its a nice addition to the server, having a baby running around and raiding, i guess the baby can grow a little bit
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Yea it's unfair, but i think its omega rank job which needs you to pay for to get the job. And that changes how you need to build bases that you can see the baby i think its fun like this.
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It is basically a Pay2Win right now, giving Omega payers a job which balances unfairly the other jobs
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Getting a different player model / fiddling with hitboxes would fix this.
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why don't you get a larger baby model and put its scale lower, the players perspective is also lowered then(i'm pretty sure).
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Exactly what jodul said,

A little bit of fixing will do the job
A promise is a promise until its broken 



It has been resized to just a little bit smaller then a normal player model. It should be a lot easier now
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