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Should I buy Omega


I have been wondering if I should buy omega  as I want to know if it is worth the money.

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Recommend premium first and then omega in the future. You only get 2 jobs right now so not a lot but some weps and perks are op.
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Buy what you want its your money omega is a WIP so....


(01-01-2019, 08:56 PM)Luxinare Wrote: Buy what you want its your money omega is a WIP so....

Ye what he said, Premium is pretty decent too...
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buy premium first and wait for omega to fully release then buy the upgrade. simple lol
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buy cheap option, VIP then upgrade to PREMIUM then ugprade to omega
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Since its in WIP i would probably say only really buy it when its fully been released or buy it when theirs a percentage of the store like i did.
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As of now, No. But, when everything is fully out for it, yes. The inventory upgrade is really nice for Emps. Once all the jobs are added it is gonna be pretty good.
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Why would you need the extra inventory space if you just self supply, it's so much easier and cheaper.
All jokes aside, as everyone has already said its a work in progress and we don't know what it's going to include. The owner, tasid is very busy sorting out bugs and crashes so updates to the omega rank would take longer than he would like.
Overall, there's probably gonna be more features for it next time its on sale so get it then.


ok thank you for your answers kai can you please lock the thread as idk how

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