My new signature that is clinically proven to break your eyes and a anouncement

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look at my signature and gg ur eyes are gone.

Also for anyone that is thinking of warning me for postfarm here is a short recommendation: I dont care about my post count i just care about how people to treat me (so basically I wont post irrelevant bs apart from this and shit off topic)So that you dont  think im postfarming bc im not ok?lolwut i dont understand my own words but if u can then u know what to do
[Image: 657X3fW.jpg]


Why are you so defensive about not post farming? I think anyone that looks at your rep on the forums gets the idea anyway.

[Image: jif.gif]


true^^ i need to improve that its just bc i rlly dont wanna spend so fucking long getting back even more positive reps for postfarming i havent done
[Image: 657X3fW.jpg]


ok cool sig?
A promise is a promise until its broken 



What is your signature? How does it make your eyes go?

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Oesnoes, I have contracted a heckin eye disease
+rep Or say goodbye to your k n e e c a p s


What do these words even mean?

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