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A suggestion for admins

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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..) 
>>  Staff, admins specifically

What is your main suggestion? (provide links if possible) 
>> Ok so, hear me out please. A lot of admins kinda feel like shit now, don't like saying it but it's true. My suggestion is something for admins to work towards, small rewards for example to give an incentive to be active. Eg like, 2500 sits gets you a knife from the store or something like that.

How would your suggestion improve the server? >> It would make admins have an incentive to keep working, because for a lot of admins currently feel like they have hit a wall and a small reward system would be a nice addition.
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+rep this will improve staff members' motivation. Also how about smaller rewards for smaller milestones so lower ranks have more motivation too.
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Huge +rep

Makes staff want to do more sits and help out

A bit of a reward would be nice
Some of us are on daliy and don't get much for it
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+ Rep

Well, now that I've been randomly promoted (which I wasn't expecting) I feel like I have no goal, nothing to work towards. Back when I was mod + I was working for forum posts and getting to the 250, it kept me active on all the platforms. Now that I'm admin, and the only other way of getting past just happened and won't happen for probably another 6 months. I am just stuck, now it feels like a job, and my excitement will slowly fade. Like past staff. We really need a way to keep admins on and active. SO MASSIVE + REP.
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yea stuff like this has been suggested dozen times already, good luck getting it through
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+REP for sure, I feel like staffing is slowly becoming a chore no longer a hobby. Like other staff in the past who start leaving because of this. Personally I would love this to be put in place.
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good luck tryna get this approved, i doubt anything will happen but this would be nice to have
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If you don't want to do sits or help out in the community, you don't have to. It's a choice and if it feels like a chore then don't do it.


+ rep

Everyone needs something to work for, even if it's just a small token. I can imagine how shit it must feel for admins who didn't get senior, so this is just incentive for those admins to stay with us and not resign.
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when only staff team replies with positives, Anyway -rep since it would create a lot of normal player's feel uninvited to the server because of bragging that they have a special item that they don't.
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