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Warn appeal (For MrBacon)


*P.S this is for another member of hawk who is unable to access the forums all replies will be his exact words.

Your RP Name
>>MrBacon (As most admins know)

Your SteamID*

Who warned you?*
>>RA sam

What is the stated reason?*
>>RDM/Lieing to staff

Why should we remove the warn?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>Well ill get to the point so i can save some time where this guy reports me for rdm when i was a swat and i saw him shoot someone in the pd and run off so i chase him/her and open fire like 1 minute later I get pulled into a sit and are asked why did you kill this man and i state I killed this man because he shot someone inside the pd and then he checks logs and me not knowing what logs he checked kill or damage he says there is no trace of him shooting an officer and just me killing him then i ask damage logs? then he repays Yes i know how to do my job even though its my seconed~ day and then says (I think this is true im not sure if he asked me anything more) Well im going to have to warn you for rdm and lieing~ to staff unless you have video proof then i say no then he ends the sit.                                                   Then i start to talk about it on discord how i dont have acsess~ to the fourms~ then a kind admin responed Talking about how i should try diffrent methods but nothing he came up with added up so he sent me a dm about how he is going to let me type it into his dms and he will respond or put it on fourms But when he gave me the template i did not know how to get my steam id so he helped me to get my steam id while we were waiting i sent some funny/gross images to pass the time as a joke until it got out of hand and he had to remind me why i was talking to him and that leaves me here (The admins name was Luxinare But his discord hawk servers name is fbi luxinare)


The lack of commas and periods is killing my eyes.

Will get Sam to reply.


The logs at the time stated that the guy you killed didn't do any damage to anyone else, that is why I warned you for RDM.



No further reply from OP.

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