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Hitman Bug?


Ok so pretty much I blew a fucking dogs face off, because it was my hit, like I shot his head off clean.
But as soon as I did, no message in chat popped up and the hit was still there even though I killed my hit.

This was taken after I killed my hit - 


This is what happens=someone orders a hit on somebody lets say on Jerry and then Jerry dies from another reason. Then the hit is over as you failed to kill him. I hope this helped you
Ugandas knuckels will rise again OwO btw am vvvv


Yeah this quite annoying this happened to one of my friends before. This should be fixed + there should be a button to cancel hits
Someone tell me how to upload an image on here plz <3 thx[Image: images]


Happens to me quite a lot, hence why I stopped playing the assassin. (If I don't want to relog)
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I love being an assassin but this does ruin it
[Image: 59b08187a61e13fc449991ca95e0ae62.png]

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