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Do something with PD raid


In my opinion, PD raids are just a simple source of RDM and FUN. There's nothing bad with this, but I would like to suggest that there could be something in the PD vault either money or something. It would make pdraids not only the source of FUN but money as well.


This has been suggested many times and it's just not been implemented yet.
There should be more incentives to PD Raid, other than to just kill.


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It would be a great way to make PD raids more interesting
Although there is normally little police on, and when there is they don't normally protect PD as much. Be the same as bank really. Not worth the time to implement IMO.


Adding money in the vault would be quite pointless I think, since it basically just makes the PD into a more secure version of the bank. Furthermore, the fact that government official may return to PD without it breaking NLR makes it impossible to do a lot if it's not a larger group of people, or a small SWAT team. What really would be optimal would be taking the Mayor hostage after eliminating all security, and then taking a sum of money in return for the Mayor's life. That's however too hard in the current state of the game, as it requires everyone to play along with it. Making the latter possible by some changes would be optimal in my opinion, but I don't know if that's possible or worth the time. Would however be fun if implemented. The core idea of adding more of a use to the PD I however agree with.


I would nevertheless consider placing money or a reward in the vault for raiding the pd. One concept can be to combine the bank and PD somehow and in that way arouse interest for both attacking and defending these places. However, what I think will be hard to accomplish is kidnaping the mayor since he will probably escape or defend himself with fire.

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Im neutral on this. ive seen on other servers that they have a sort of weapons vault in the PD but moving the bank there would make the server change some rules which can cause some trouble in itself . maybe add a weapons vault but thats about it for the PD


Combining the PD and bank I don't think is a good idea, as it pretty much combines two raiding targets into one and just makes the entire place into a giant mess with everything going on. For kidnapping the mayor, he's not allowed to use firearms aside from the one he's given and permanent weapons. Just remove the escape paths from the mayor's office and he can't escape either. Aside from that, a few changes could make it possible, but as I said, it requires a lot of responsibility from the players' side to act accordingly and not do things that in the scenario COULD be considered failRP. And just in general, adding an amount of money accessible from a raid, is just overused and boring. It would be a lot more enjoyable if it used a different concept.


Make it so the cash moneys scale with the ammount of cops.
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Octobers Idea is actually really good but its kinda going off topic. I think the bank vault should be moved to the pd it may be quite a hassle but will be worth it in my opinion.
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I think the bank and PD should stay separate. Add a new feature to the PD, and keep the bank the same. Increase the money from the bank though, 100k isn't really worth it for the effort, people just go raiding for printers instead of opium producing since there's way more money involved and much smaller risk.

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