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Your RP Name*


Are you reporting Staff or Players?*

What are their names?*
>>Z4 October

What are their SteamIDs?*
>>Not sure didn't think of getting at the time

What happened?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>Report against Z4 October. All information is in YouTube video description. I understand that we all meta game even myself when i come to think of it as pointed out by Kai in my post asking about it but i thought i would still post it because of other things that was done such as his extreme unprofessional-ism when taunting me while cloaked and also proceeds to swear at me during it as well. I also think that something so blatant done in that case of meta gaming should be in the rules. Such as a new section for meta gaming and possibly defining it for people who don't fully understand what it means. I know we use information from the chat all the time again like Kai pointed out to me but being so blatant and just shooting me after seeing the chat message seems a little un-legit even if he just followed me round and waited for me to Kill/Injure someone i would have preferred that over straight up shooting me. I might make a suggestion post about it. 
Thanks for reading this have a nice day, Matthew

P.s sorry Jodul for my rudeness towards you it was only upon me watching the footage over that I realized how rude I came across. Sorry <3

(https://youtu.be/CsDaSj9yOP0) Still currently uploading will be up within the next hour, Thanks

Ha lol sorry dont know why its 360p sorry it should be 1080p it is on the file but i must have done something on youtube sorry


I will get October to respond.
-Gamer Grill


Not that my say matters too much, but to October's defense, he was pretty much tricked into shooting. It seems from the video Matthew purposely doesn't shoot to get a reaction from someone, which he did. It doesn't justify it, but it's like giving someone a gun in public and seeing if they'll shoot, it's unfair means to make a man commit a crime. This might not be the case, but although it was reactionary from October, I understand it. (Also calling for an admin for the same reason three times isn't the way to go, it just comes through as annoying). In the end, just another example of that rules have to be reworked and explained better.

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I don't quite understand what October said?

Alright so overall there's not much to say, the whole using-chat-idea is done by everyone and that's the point in having it advertised in the chat, I personally disagree with risking your life and "waiting him for injure you first" because it's, again, a risk that shouldn't be taken in a roleplay situation. Jodul explained to you 3 times that it's okay.

As of October, I don't like that taunting - I'll look into it later today.

Thank you for your time, accepted & closed.

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