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Lean bug?


Did the glitch where when you put a cup of lean it makes like 2/3?And then just get a 11/10 cups crate I mean it is kinda cool who wouldn't mind extra money but still it is a bug and bugs should be fixed right?(and it could be abused one way or another) And I guess the one who made the addon should fix it (cuz i know the server uses the addon and did not make it) I may be wrong I may be right still a bug is a bug.
Thanks ~~


I don't actually know if they could fix stuff like that, because it is the addon itself, they would have to either get in contact with the creator of that addon or re-edit it in the files, thats what I think I may be wrong


It's not a bug it's just a feature that's built into the add on.


Yeh as milkman said it's in built so idt you could fix it


It's not a bug, it's a feature with the add-on which gives you the chance to get 2 cups in a crate while only adding 1.
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