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banned for no reason


so I killed a guy for throwing a machete at me  gave him a warning shot and told him not to do it he almost hit me so I killed him and another guy that I killed was the guy he was basing with because I was raiding and he was a participant of the base and don't recall killing anyone else

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rp name manlymango
steam id beastman0909
banned by toxiclocc
reason mass rdm
ban duration 1 week 6 days
I was raiding on one kill and the other one was self defense for him throwing a machete at me and almost hit me,gave a warning shot,continued and from a long distance threw it right at my feet so I killed him


I'll get Toxiclocc to reply.


This ban was when no staff was on the server and i had to jump on to stop the mass RDM. his name was one that came up with a large amount of kills. when i got on he was no longer on the server. I dont fully know if he was in middle of it or he was the assailant.

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it was a gun dealer and u banned him for killing me and some other people

all of my kills were either self defense or I killed them during a raid

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like i said. i didnt know if you were the victim or the assailant. when i got on the server i was going off what was in discord and the logs.

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the people that I killed may have labeled it as rdm but it was either a raid or self defense

the people that I killed may or may not have been in the discord telling you that I was mass rdming


so am I going to be unbanned


Okay, accepted.

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