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Suit bug


With the Tank suit if you buy armor it will reset your armor to the default and completely negates the purpose of the tank suit. ( V3 atleast )


yea pls fix that
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Does same with secret service or swat health if you buy health it takes it back down to 100


The S.W.A.T Issue with the health is fixable by buying "FULL HEALTH". But the suit health system is really buggy, so that's a big no no on buying Armor and Health. Pretty obvious but buy only when under 100 health or 100 armor.
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This also happens if you get healed by a member of staff with a suit on. Everything gets reset.
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if you pay lots of attention to the NPC, you would see the fact that it says "100 Armor." this means that your value of armor is being set to 100, not the max amount of armor you have. For health this is different, I think.
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This isn't a bug, but I would've spent 10 plus hours grinding for stro v3 if it hadnt been for flips, and i think those people that did spend that much time grinding shouldnt have to wait out a 20 minute cooldown every time they die. Thats absolutely ridiculous there are way too many ways to kill / be killed on this server that dont break the rules. If there HAS to be a cooldown, i think it should be 5 minutes or so.


It's a bug - will look into it.

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