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Poll: which suit do you prefer?
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Sonic suit
2 25.00%
Tank suit
2 25.00%
Astro suit
4 50.00%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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Which suit do you prefer?


I have all v3 suits and i don't know wich one is better.
So which suit do you prefer?

btw. the money for them were 3 days of opium
The human tree


Astro Suit definitely.
Big Turtle   Smile


Astro suit 100% especially with santa's 100 hp and 150 armour and weapons its op
Someone tell me how to upload an image on here plz <3 thx[Image: images]


I prefer Astro suit the most. However, sonic suits are hella op as well, especially the mk3 one.

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