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A little help?


So I've been training a little for an admin application and been going over the rules and staff handbook a couple of times but there are 2 offenses that I do not know what they mean such as :
Hope you can help me 

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ARDM = Attempted Random Death-Match - when someone damages someone for no reason
FDA = Fading Door Abuse - When they abuse fading doors, such as opening and closing them to trap people inside of them or to gain an advantage over an enemy


FDA = "Fading Door Abuse" which means using the binds to activate fading doors instead of using your keypads while during a raid.
ARDM = "Attempted RDM" it speaks for itself, damaging someone for no reason.

Both are quite basic to DarkRP servers and probably that's why they are not in the rules.
Hope it helped ya!
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ARDM = Attempted random death match  ardm is a warn
FDA = Fading door abuse  is a warn also.
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