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Suggestion Template
Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> Custom Jobs

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>> Make it so you're character HAS to be human size.

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> It's not fair how the baby gets nerfed for being too small but big man mario don't get nerfed (im talking about patricks job), you can shoot above his head and it's just pay to win.
i am human 


+rep, so unbalanced that u can use mums credit card to get a player modal that is invincible for defending
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Custom jobs are OP as is, never mind a smaller one.
[Image: jif.gif]

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my CJ may be unbalanced i didn't know that at the time, so please fix that. Teddy i paid out my own money, stealing is not good kids
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We can't really do anything about that, it's a player model. Mind it's average hitbox and shoot accordingly.


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