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Warn removals

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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)

>>Store/People with warns who are willing to also support server

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>>To decrease the price of warn removals

How would your suggestion improve the server? 
I have been warned total of 4 times and all of them being mistakes or false I love this server I do nothing else but play on here and watch you tube xD i have no life. And i can see my self eventually getting to 30 warns and being banned yes that would take A LONG time but it will happen eventually. I think something like earning warn removals such as recognize improvement in role-play/behaviour by admins would be a good way to get them removed/Not active.
Just a suggestion
Thanks, Matthew


The warns are there for a reason. Warn removing shouldn't even be a thing unless if they are invalid. If you are scared so much on getting up to 30 warns and getting banned actually read the rules and don't break them! That's the secret to not getting up to 30 warns and getting banned!
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The price is fine as it is, if you didn't want to get warned in the first place, you should have read the rules beforehand. If you feel like any warns are not valid, create an appeal.
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Yes, I created a appeal for the ones I believe to be false but 2 of them I do deserve I was new to DarkRP didn't know a thing and prop climbed and killed someone. But 2 others were false Ive appealed one but the other was too long ago for me to explain in further detail on what happened


Don't really see the point in this. If you don't want warns, don't break the rules. It's not that hard. If it's genuinely a mistake, you can appeal it. If it could be that easy to get rid of warnings, they would pretty much serve no purpose, you'd just be able to constantly get rid of them.



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