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Scully's Ban Appeal

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Your RP Name

Scully / Ducko's Deathy Boi

Your SteamID*

SteamID64: 76561198118019765
SteamID   : STEAM_0:1:78877018

Who banned you?*


What is the stated reason?*


Ban Duration?*

2 Weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)

So, let me explain the situation at hand. 

A certain "AF Fruit Lemonade" (with a special character for the L) was running around near the area at spawn spam hitting people with a tool that jerks the target's vision dramatically and plays an irritating noise, and repeatedly did so to me, too. I told him not to over voice comms, and when he proceeded to continue doing so, I opened fire on him. He killed me. 

I was spawning in both the closed off area and outside of it in the area that he killed me in at the time (he was doing this right outside/inside spawn), and thus, I (at least shouldn't have) been affected by NLR (If I was, feel free to warn me for it).

Regardless, I went over to my friend Ducko since we were trying to have a conversation while AF Fruit Lemonade was continually doing this. He continued spam hitting me over 3 of my lives, and on the 3rd, I killed him, which was when he decided to take it to an admin sit where he DEMANDED, not suggested, DEMANDED that it was AMRDM. I attempted to argue my side, which was that I was provoked by him spam hitting me over and over, however was not listened to by him OR Z4, who as a moderator should be impartial and listen to both sides instead of acting like a primary school teacher and siding with the person who called the sit. I then said I had to go AFK for a second to let someone inside my house, which I did, and when I came back, I found that they had continued the sit without me being there, coming to judgement without allowing me to defend myself whatsoever. 
Before I could really continue my defence after being AFK pretty much the whole sit and just coming, a verdict was achieved and I was banned for 2 weeks after an unfair, potentially biased and one sided sit that didn't take AF Fruit Lemonade's actions into account.

Their validations to me for their actions are as follows:
- I required to advert warn him 3 times before taking action
- The attack does 0 damage and thus shouldn't provoke me

My defences to my actions/rebuttals to their points are as follows:
- I was under the impression at the time that it did 1 damage
- It wasn't "RDM" due to the provoked nature of my aggression (Being spam hit by a screen shaking/annoying sound tool)
- There is no rule stating that I have to warn 1/2/3 in advert chat before taking action against such behaviour (their main point)
- It was perfectly within RP, as if I was getting shaken around, I would take preventative action to stop this - in this case, killing him.
- It was one person, not multiple, and thus if anything should be treated as RDM.
- I do believe that I verbally warned him and yet he continued his actions, warranting aggression.
- RDM is attacking/killing someone without a valid reason. Being continually attacked by a perspective distorting tool even when asking the aggressing party to cease their actions is valid in my eyes.

Post sit defences that I believe provide me with a means to dispute this case are that:
- The sit was entirely one sided, with no opportunity for me to defend myself
- Z4 paid no attention to anything I said, seemingly exclusively listening to AF Fruit Lemonade's side of the story.
- The sit continued to go on despite me not being present for part of it due to real life interference
- The rules I broke were not cited and it was never clearly explained why I was receiving the punishment considering the circumstance of being attacked. 

The sit was also fairly unprofessional given the fact that AF Fruit Lemon was constantly bossing about Z4 without any questioning, I was given no part in it as the defendant and before the ban, I was teleported to the central square of the map to be banned in front of everyone as opposed to just be getting banned in the sit.

Thanks for reading and considering my appeal,



From talk with manager you can now retaliate and be fine, although not in rules that you can. I apologize we were not made aware of this. Someone Accept this.


-Gamer Grill

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