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Hitmen need lockpicks


Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)

What is your main suggestion? (provide links if possible)
>>I think that hitmen and/or assassins should have a lock pick to reach their target.

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> One rule we have says that hitmen/assassins can raid to complete their hit, as one you can use emp nades to open fading doors but normal doors are impossible to open without a lockpick. If we gave the hitman job lockpicks they could complete hits easier and they wouldn't have to wait say an hour to get one hit completed and receive 2.5k



I think hitman and assassins used to have this. It was very useful, though
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Orrrrr, just buy it off the gun dealer
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+rep I've met with many gun dealers who don't know that he can sell picklocks, so he just ignored me. Its also in the rules so I don't see the point of this not getting added this far.


I think it makes for better role play to get it of the gun dealer. Why would a assassin/hit-man have a lock pick on them in the first place its not something they would do all the time only the rare occasions when they are finding someone who's been inside their base for a long period of time


If we're gonna give the Hitmen a lockpick, we might as well remove it from the weapon dealer as no one is going to buy it. Assassins and Hitmen usually wait for their target until they expose themselves but a raid is usually a plan B.


As already mentioned before, Assassins and Hitmen are the only jobs that still need to buy the lockpicks from Weaponry Dealers. That's a good thing for Weaponry Dealers, because that job can be incredibly boring if you don't have people coming by to buy stuff from you.

I'm not sure if hitmen and assassins stealing things during raids is still a problem, but it used to be relatively common; giving them lockpicks/crackers on spawn would make this a whole lot worse.

These two things are the reason why i think they're better off spawning without one.



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