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Good LLord's warn appeal


Your RP Name
>>Good llord

Your SteamID*

Who warned you?*

What is the stated reason?*
>>Lying to staff

Why should we remove the warn?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> So when this happened, I was an HA SWAT. I was in a discord call with Pilot and Psycho (both of them are my clanmates). I was jumping around, looking for some bases to raid, when I found Psycho's base (it was a Gun shop) and all I saw that the doors were locked and I saw psycho jumping around closing opening the backdoor and trying to shoot. I didn't know what happened (However Psycho wasnt talking at all on discord, I hopped onto discord to talk with pilot) so I was just standing there for a 2-3 sec. Then I turned around because I heard pilot talk in-game and when I turned back the fading doors were opened and I saw RG smuh throwing the emp grenade so I came in and arrested him. Then I was brought to a sit by Z4, and smuh was accusing me with FDA, even if the FD weren't mine. Z4 asked me why did I use keybinds to open the FD, and then I rejected that I did that, so I started explaining the situation. After a bit of arguing it was clear that it wasn't me who opened the doors. Then I was accused of Metagaming and organizing with my clanmate. However I already wrote it down that psycho wasn't talking at all, and I never talked to him. (im in the clan for 2-3 days) So I started clearing myself bc this wasn't planned or anything. Although the FD opened with keybinds, this is for sure bc all of them opened at the same time possibly. So we've had a very long conversation about me and this case. in the meantime I asked Z4 if he could bring psycho to the case as well, so he can prove me. It happened like that, but psyscho said I told him to open the fading doors, so it would mean that I was basically lying to the staff. However I know Z4 we talked a little bit, he's probably the closest staff member to me, So why would I lie to him. The thing is I haven't got any proof, wasn't recording and anything, however, psycho haven't got any proof of me saying that but whatever. Pilot was in the call as well just as I said, so he's concerned in the case as well. Im looking forward to the reply, and thank you for reading! (this is not a hate post, I don't blame Z4 for making the decision, but this situation is very unclear to me, I know I don't have any evidence, but nobody had.)


Yea this situation was a weird one for sure. I only acted upon evidence I had, although I believed you and still do, the person using binds admitted you told him to do so, however in sit you objected this and said you didn't speak to him. Psycho who was your clan member said he had, this was very confusing as I would expect the opposite. I only acted on evidence given and not personal background to keep it unbiased and fair for everyone. In this case the person who called this saw the doors open and the person who opened it admitted that you told him to. I do not believe you were lying since from your time on the server I have seen you as a respectful player and we have spoken a lot through out the server. I have said if you get any proof of Psycho lying i'm willing to help.


I tried to talk about this with psycho, he only answered 2 times, in which he hadn't said anything important. I brought this to the forum for the last chance. I can't really do anything more than this. As I said, there's nothing to do with your decision, and this post is not against you Z4.



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