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Active warns are still active when they should have gone inactive. I'm aware that quite a few people know of this already but thought I would bring it to the forums In hope it can be fixed soon.
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AWarn is broken and there is nothing we can do about it.
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Is there not any way to do it then? It's slightly annoying when I have warns that are old when they shouldn't be active anymore meaning I got kicked when really I shouldn't have as those warns wouldn't have been active and for some it will get them banned when they reach so many warns when some of their previous ones shouldn't have been active and it would be their older warns that result in that.
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Well, my pro tip is, don't get warned, then, you won't be kicked/banned. AWarn is not a program we control, right now it is broken as fuck, we cannot even remove warns.
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people are currently working on it and will try to get it working (i think{
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