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Make the money earned from bank scale with total cops

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$100,000 is quite a lot if there's no-one to stop you, and at the same time it's way too little if you've had to fight a constant stream of cops trying to kill you. 

But you hardly ever actually get to steal from it (because very little people play cop, because with current rules/mechanics it sucks to play them).

How about we lower the CP requirement to 1 (people will often want to switch to police jobs to defend the vault), keep a relatively high player requirement (maybe 20) and have the reward scale up with the amount of officers, 50000 for each government member.

20 players, 1 cop: $150000
20 players, 3 cops: $250000

This would make raiding the bank worthwhile. 
Nobody does it anymore at the moment, which goes to show it needs a change.
I was on the verge of re-making this suggestion; I might as well bump this one, because it still applies six months later. The bank is neglected completely. There's hardly ever enough police online for it to be raided in the first place and the amount earned is laughable, especially when divided amongst bank raiders afterward if somehow the constant onslaught of cops is warded off long enough.



Bigger reward = more raids, and then it be more fun for someone doing the Bank Security job too, I've played a few times and you literally stand around for too long waiting for someone to raid it, VERY BORING!
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as a member I would like to see the bank change in some way like that, atm the bank feels forgotten due to lack of cop and almost no interest.



The bank is overshadowed by everything else, from lean to printers to opium. Having such a long cooldown for nothing really, is a lot of effort for litlte reward. I think the reward should be increased firstly from 100k to perhaps 250k at the minimum amount of required cops online. Then keep going from there.


It's a good idea but would be hard to introduce but I think the pricing you have for the amount of cops and players is very clever. Good suggestion.



At the moment the bank is useless, this would make people actually want to rob the bank.
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+Rep very unique idea and would be very cool
+Rep or your head will be a mushy pulp


There have already been suggestions to somehow augmenting the bank vault's money, all to be denied even when having a hefty amount of +reps. I don't think this will go through either.

Here's what I mean:
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That's a bit way too much though. Maybe 20-30k?
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+ REP YES YES YES YES YES the idea is great but i think the increase should be a tad smaller and mayby have a cap on how high it can get though
Gimme those + Reps people

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