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Goodbye my friends....

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Hey it's the one and only Zwano resigning as staff from Hawkservers. I had a great stay and want to thank all the guys who made it easier for me. Thanks for the staff-team they help the server 24 hours a day, I will comeback in the future boyo's. Goodbye my friends.

Here are some amazing mentions
@Zen Minecraft says enough.
@Yeff Still dunno how to pronounce your name, kevan, kavan or kevin.
@Kai Giving me this amazing chance thanks thumbs up for this CM.
@Arvid My fucking boy, I'll still speak to you on discord and on the server.
@Hulk Had amazing times with you in the sitroom area.
@Exhility For being my mentor thank you for that.
@October Remember when u got staff keep it going.
@Joelt For being a goddamn good manager. (not anymore)
@Dazoman GL in your Kia boy.
@Z4 Being very gae.
@Remora It's still bad weather in Holland
@Jodul Never spoke to you before but you're a great SA.

Sorry if I didn't mention you feel free to dm me.

I will see you definitely in the future as staff.
The one and only: Zwano out.
Big Turtle   Smile


Goodbye : ( hope you remain in the community
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Bye Bye zwano ill give you're money back someday Sad
+Rep or your head will be a mushy pulp


lol bye
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Cya hope you have a good life


Best wishes Zwano,
p.s The Kia is going great !
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Peace out Zwano <3


Cya, you were a good member of the team!
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Zwano, my boy, you can't do this, that comeback better come soon y'hear?? Comeback or consequences!


Aw goodbye : (
-Gamer Grill

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