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Just something that low key annoys me


When buying printer upgrades (from tier 1-11) it's so annoying that everytime you buy one it just kicks you out of the menu. Is it possible to just make it so it.... doesn't do that? Pls thx


+rep so helpfull



Would actually save so much time and hassle. There's no reason to why this shouldn't be added. I'm pretty sure it stays up when you buy the cooler/silencer so it must be possible to do it with the menu upgrades as well.


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+rep agreed good idea



Very annoying at the moment and this would be helpful owo
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Agreed, very simple to code please add it !
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What u could do is spam e on the menu and it opens up more than one tier buying sections. And then you can buy each without it exiting out.

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Brilliant idea I couldn't agree more!


+Rep good idea this frustrates me so much
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