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Change Logs 25/02/2019

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[25 - 02 - 2019]

- Rules re-worked, a lot of rules were updated and new ones were released; added Bank Security rules - below are very recently added rules:
Quote:13 - NEW - Do not interfere with sits. For example, avoid raiding a base that is under construction due to a staff member's request for your advantage.
18 - NEW - Using water to gain an advantage while basing is not allowed (underwater, sewers water stream, etc.) - you may base ontop of water though.
12 - NEW - Destroying other people's products/items is considered raiding; doing so with the intention of annoying will result in a punishment.
13 - NEW - You can overtake raids by doing /raid and killing the raiders, proceeding normally.
4 - NEW - You are not allowed to ask customers to place hits on certain people, it must only be up to the customer.

- Updated all Appeal/Report threads and other sticked threads
- Updated Admin & Senior Handbook
- Re-worked the Staff Handbook and punishments
- Updated Forum Rules
- Updated Rep system, only staff can comment on applications now

- Updated appearance, deleted unneeded roles and channels (ty Blast)
- New Discord warning system and Discord rules by Blast

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