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So, I guess its time

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So, after nearly 6 months with the hawk staff team i have decided to resign. I have enjoyed my time here but i'm resigning due to a lack of interest in Gmod and thats about it. Oh yeah i'm also the oldest non higher up staff i think(?)

Honourable mentions

Teddy: For being my mentor and friend throughout the entire time I was here.

Jodul: For telling me to play Hawk and buying me Gmod because i was broke.

Blast: Was a cm for most of my time.

Lux: Its been a blast wayne.

Panda: Great staff member tbh, hope you go places.

Psychopathic Fox: You have really come a long way since you got staff and i wish you the best.

Kai: Is a stinky furry >Sad

Craigo: Fat

Everyone else i can remember left the community sooooo
uh yeah, been a good one.
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Love you man, thank you for being apart of the staff team. Its been a blast. I Hope you have a good life!


(14-03-2019, 10:01 PM)Georges Alt Wrote: Love you man, thank you for being apart of the staff team. Its been a blast

Thanks <3 Been great with you as well.
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perry the platypus


Sad cya man, hope you stay in the community


i cry


So sad to see you go, I remember the day we recruited you and jodul helping you through it all, you was a great staff member it’s unfortunate to see you leave. Farewell. Take care have a nice life!
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why are all the cool people leaving?! Teddy, fucking stay or I will cut my brother teddy bear! same goes to you Patrick and Kai


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I wish you could stay longer Plat, you were a great staff member, and an even better friend to people among the community. I hope you'll still make appearances throughout Hawk from time to time.

I'm not going to forget the day, ever, when I bought you gmod, as a gift to introduce you to Hawk, and what it is, and especially when you got staff. Times were great, it does fly by.

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But unfortunately, your time has come to an end, no matter how much I've tried to convince you into not resigning. Unfortunately I couldn't this time. Farewell, wherever you'll end.
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