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Warn appeal

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Your RP Name*
>>LTL Matthew

Your SteamID*

Who warned you?*
>>Psychopathic Fox

What is the stated reason?*
>>Failure to advert counter

Why should we remove the warn?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>I got a pm from panda that we was getting raided. I head over there and shoot through the fading doors. I miss. I go upstairs and wait to hear more emps to get ready to kill again. I shoot again multiple times in the building and miss all of them. I didn't advert counter as I was inside the base while Josh was raiding and it says if you are outside of the base territory or flanking. I was in the territory and he was aware I was there from the multiple shots I shot while being inside. I wasn't flanking as I was head on to him not behind him. If I am wrong then the warn can stay no problem but I didn't feel an advert was necessary as I was in the base while he raided and he knew I was there as I fired the shots into the base. Here is the video https://streamable.com/4khjy

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alright so you admitted you metagaming in this and you'd still need to advert counter

plus they mean territory as in like outside the door

by the look of the video, you were not in the base territory like at all

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In the video you've provided, it's shown that you did not advert any sort of counter. The warn is valid.

Closed and Denied.
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