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50cal Caleb's Ban Appeal

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Your RP Name
>> 50cal Caleb

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*
>>Psychopathic Fox

What is the stated reason?*
>>Ltap + Failbase

Ban Duration?*
>>3 days

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>Essentially what happened is that this random guy was teaching me how to cook opiods and another guy raided me, i then sat back and watched him raid and then he complained that my keypads werent working. I then opened the door for him and then the admin flew away and i though it was all over. My mom was then bitching in my ear as loud as possible for me to walk the dog, which i then did. When i tested the keypads, they worked fine. I was also raided several times through the very doors that were claimed not to be connected. I just ask for forgiveness and understanding. I didnt mean for the doors not to work and i had no product made anyways, it wasnt that big of a loss. the admin just flew away so i assumed it was over.

(The link in the top right of the forum to sign in through steam wasnt working, so i just decided i would post it the next day.)

Edit: Should probably include that the guy running from the admin when the admin left during a sit (the guy that was accusing me of fail base left the scene too) was a hitman that shot a guy for no reason. So i just figured everything was said and done.


i said "your keypads aren't working please fix them" then you don't reply and just leave so i banned you for LTAP // failbase


My apologies, i might have been talking to my mom at that point, they were working fine before after one guy raided my base. Will you forgive me?


And why would there be a need for a ban, the problem was the failbase and by leaving he effectively destroyed it and it isn't like he would try to flee a warn etc.

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