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Hawk Servers Terms of Service
You can find this at the bottom of the DarkRP rules, but we've decided to also have it here.

1 - Most PUBLIC information of players are stored and we can decide what to do with it.
2 - There is a possibility you are banned from the server, however, it can be appealed.
3 - All cheaters and exploiters will be strictly dealt with.
4 - Evading a major punishment in any shape or form will result in a permanent ban -- do not alt (use another account) to evade a ban or to get rid of your warnings on a previous account.
5 - Assisting ban evasion puts you at risk of the same consequences given to the alter.
6 - Not following the rules will result in punishments, and not knowing the rules will not exempt you from the punishments.
7 - DDoS threats, DOXing threats or doing said actions will result in a permanent ban.
8 - Reaching 30 total warnings will result in a permanent ban from the Garry's Mod server.
9 - An individual may only use one account within our services -- if you decide to make a new account, please notify a Higher-Up.
10 - There is a possibility you are Community Banned from the server, it cannot be appealed unless decided otherwise by tasid or the Community Manager.
11 - The order of authority is tasid then Kai -- we may resolve and conclude any incidents however we see fit, regardless of whom is relevant to the situation or what it's about.

By purchasing a package on hawkservers.co, you understand and accept the following terms and conditions:
1 - You are not entitled to a refund unless specifically agreed with the server owner.
2 - This is a digital product which means you will not receive any physical product, but only virtual items.
3 - We may add or remove anything to your package at any given time.
4 - If you decide to part ways from Hawk Servers or are banned from our services, you will not be given a refund.
5 - Packages are set to change at any due time.

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